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Value of language in knowledge is huge. Language represents result of accumulation, synthesis of the experience previous persons." Any word - already generalizes". This fact influences in a way specific persons functioning of sense organs. At the same time it dnmonstrirut insolvency metaphysical a mat-ma about feelings experience as absolutely independent and isolated stage, to Urawa having learned activity of the person.

Perception - a complete image a mat of the subject given by means of supervision. Vospr is not the sum of feelings. Perception as the form of such active synthesis manifestations of a subject, a cat is inseparably linked with other acts having learned also practical activities (experience), predshestvo to the supervision given. For example, though we can directly only part of the house, but our perception synthesizes in a complete image of the house and those parts, a cat at present we do not feel. Thanks to to operation of mechanisms of perception we in our consciousness, can keep a complete image of a subject and when the subject is directly not given us in our memory. In this case even more difficult form of feelings of knowledge - representation functions.

T.o. feelings and thinking nakhlditsya in indissoluble unity and interaction. In their difficult 2 types of activity are found: activity in a broad sense. deit, specially on creation of knowledge, on a producing concepts, i.e. theoretical deit as a special type of brainwork.

Phyl's most of systems of modern times was allocated by 2 main stages: Sensual and rational. Their role and value in knowledge opredelyalisrazny Phil on a miscellaneous. Rationalists (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, the edging, Hegel) attributed crucial importance to knowledge, without denying and mean feelings of knowledge in the mechanism of communication of reason with the world. Supporters of empiricism considered feelings knowledge as the main thing and even the only source of knowledge (Hobbes, Locke).

It is impossible to forget that practice cannot confirm or disprove any predsavleniye, knowledge completely." The atom is indivisible" - many centuries and practice so were considered confirmed it. Practice keeps silence of that is outside its historically limited opportunities. However it develops constantly, improved. In development of true knowledge, a uvelicheiya of its volume the science and practice act in unseparable unity more and more.

In persons perception there is 1 more important element, the cat is inherent only in the person. The persons are nashlyadno capable to present not only that saw sobstvo eyes, nearly the most part of his experience includes images, a cat are obtained from descriptions. I.e. experience persons of m. to a certain degree it is replaced with results of experience of a number of his predecessors. In our century in connection with development of means of m an inform. this ability persons, began to use feelings experience people the almost unlimited. Here too there is obvious a universal value of language with its opportunity to betray concrete images by means of words.

Crete truth in practice. Exactly in practice the persons have to prove the validity, i.e. reality of the thinking. One of the principles of N of thinking says: certain true if it is possible to prove, whether it is applicable in this or that concrete situation. This principle in the term feasibility. By means of realization of idea in action the knowledge is commensurated, compared with the object, revealing thereby the real measure of objectivity, validity of the sodezhaniye.

In a hlda of physical impact on concrete subjects and. the persons - in acquire numerous knowledge of the relations. (between types a mat of objects and processes, between properties of object. As the knowledge is directed on identification of the relations between properties of subjects, between predm and processes, these relations become objects of knowledge. Processes in the course a cat are gradually and consistently formed concepts, the general properties of subjects and by ROC of the world, measured centuries. Before the knowledge of these or those communications takes shape and thanks to it will get is understood expression, millivarda of times processes of comparison, comparison, a mental section and physical modification of objects owe. Have to stand aside all the moments of this communication. Has to acquire knowledge a form and in the sense that it has to get object value for many people.