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As a result of development of agro-industrial integration, association and merge of rather independent links of production and processing of agricultural raw materials, its delivery to the consumer is formed agro-industrial complex (agrarian and industrial complex). It is a difficult production system. The structure of agrarian and industrial complex is characterized on fields of activity, integration of specialized links and territoriality.

Agro-industrial integration is an organic association of agriculture and areas of the industry, transport, trade, etc. which serve agriculture, deliver resources and prove its production to the consumer.

The leading role in structure of transportation of goods of agrarian and industrial complex belongs to the motor transport. Specialized vehicles (tankers, specialized cars for vegetables, bread, refrigerators, etc.) transport freights of agrarian and industrial complex. The railway transport takes the leading place in implementation of external relations of agrarian and industrial complex.

For the Zakarpatye lowland characteristic, mainly, cespitose and podsolic and cespitose soils. Soils Predkarpatya in the basic cespitose and poverkhnostnogleeny. In a mountain zone brown forest soils prevail.

creations of a large number of new, technologically more perfect workplaces, especially in those branches of agrarian and industrial complex where means of production are made for agriculture and processing industry;

Behind integration of specialized links into agrarian and industrial complex allocate separate complexes. For example, formula-feed plants, etc., with the second - a forage production, with the third - the meat and dairy industry enter a meat and dairy complex from the first sphere mechanical engineering for animal husbandry.

decrease materialo-and power consumption of agricultural production, increase of productivity of work and increase of efficiency use of resources on bases of complex mechanization, automation and a computerization of productions in all areas of agrarian and industrial complex.

the first - production of means of production for all other areas connected with agriculture (tractor mechanical engineering, production of agricultural cars, the equipment for animal husbandry, the light and food industry, etc.);

Agricultural grounds in the Forest-steppe zone (85,4%), and least of all – to Polesia (68,9%) are most of all opened. In the Polesye zone nearly a third of the spaces of agricultural grounds are occupied by natural fodder grounds.

In the conditions of radical reforming of agrarian and industrial complex on fundamentals of market economy in particular actual there is a problem of formation of regional resource capacity of agrarian and industrial complex, optimum providing with production resources of all its spheres and their highly effective use.