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If to go deep into MO, we will face more personal communication, for example, with the intimate and personal. This partnership of partners in each other problems, opportunity to divide with others the spiritual and practical life. Intimate and personal communication arises on condition of a community of values of partners, and partnership is provided with understanding of thoughts, feelings and intentions of another, empathy. Thanks to partnership in the intimate and personal relations there is the individual's samoaktulization that promoted most by the highest forms of intimate and personal communication - friendship and love.

The friend never lies to us and speaks with us only truth language. We listen to it attentively and impartially, trying to understand and soberly to estimate about what he speaks. Any ghosts and any theatricality. Its experience bears in itself pathos of feelings and sobriety of reason. Therefore it

Also the contents and structure of companionship change. Tolerance to distinctions - one of the main indicators of level of culture and intellectual development. It is shown and in communication. The children's friendship can break up because of a trifle. Young men are already ready to be reconciled with private shortcomings of the friends, but the friendship after all is understood as something total.

At interaction of people their personal qualities, are with each other shown from here and MO follow. The most important line of MO - their emotional basis. It means that they arise and develop on the basis of defined, born at people on the relation to each other. These feelings can be pulling together, uniting people and separating them.

The family friendship at first sight seems a full antipode of friendship creative, but it not so. For considered by us like friendship that our friend, in effect, becomes the friend of all family is characteristic. And if it is about a married couple which has children, it is possible to speak with all evidence about friendship families.

Value the fourth: sympathy and friendliness. We approach, at last, that category of people with whom to us it is good which are pleasant to us which we admire. But also in this case the word friendship should be used very carefully. Such emotional communications are often superficial and short.

The friendship arises as a gap in a usual current of events, as jump. At some point we suddenly start experiencing strong inflow of sympathy, interest in other person, it becomes close to us. If we are familiar with it long ago, there is a feeling as if we saw it for the first time. Let's call this phenomenon a meeting. The meeting is a final event, time clot. Only these minutes of the highest intensity of life are important for friendship. Everything that occurs in an interval, does not matter. Such meeting always surprise, always opening. In relation to most of our acquaintances we so never will also not take this first step on the way to friendship.

We do not choose in friends of people whom we do not respect. I will not begin to talk mentally all the time to the person whom I consider as the villain, to look for council at the traitor. The friendship is such social space where people belong to each other is more moral, is warmer, than to those who is outside this space. Here ethical standards are respected pronouncedly: as they in an ideal would have to be observed by all.

In a spoken language the word "friend" has a set of values. It means the acquaintance, the person to whom we treat with sympathy, the neighbor, the colleague, say, everything who is close to us. However now, as well as in the most remote past, there is one more value: the intimate friend whom we love and which loves us. This last type of friendship belongs to narrower category of the interpersonal relations - to the relations constructed on love. When we think of our close friends, of a true friendship, we mean a certain form of the love existing between people.