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Also according to recommendations of the collection of compoundings the amount of soups is determined by types: potato-30%, or 9 dishes; vegetable-20%, or 6 dishes; krupyany-20%, or 6 dishes; macaroni-20%, or 6 dishes; bean-10%, or 3 dishes. Sweet dishes in the form of kissels, compotes, mousses and creams should be included generally during the lunchtime but if it enough, it is possible to give tea or coffee after a lunch, and to transfer a sweet dish to the menu of a breakfast or dinner. It is better to include cheese, butter, eggs and milk in the menu in the natural form for breakfast. Thus the monthly range of dishes is defined. As it is almost difficult to plan supply of the dining room for a month, usually calculation of dishes for names is given for 10 days. After definition of quantity of dishes on the range for 10 days start drawing up the menu of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for every day. Thus use the caloric content of dishes on groups and the standard examples given in the collection of compoundings. At first the general caloric content of a diet is defined, and then according to the recommendations given above the caloric content of dishes is defined on a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. Thus each meal has to not only provide the necessary replenishment of power expenses, but also create feeling of satiety. Therefore for each meal certain ratios of caloric content of dishes are recommended. For example, during a breakfast it is impossible to provide the required caloric content with one high-calorific gastronomic products (cheese, oil) as the volume of a breakfast will be very small and it will not give feeling of saturation. Besides, in such breakfast there will be no hot dish that is extremely undesirable. Therefore the following ratio of dishes in a breakfast is usually recommended: the cold dish of 10-20%, a delicatessen of 10-15%, is hotter than 30-60%, hot drinks of 15-20%, semi-fluid 70-75%.

So, it is necessary to locate production, trade and administrative and household rooms in elevated floors that provides their best natural lighting and ventilation. Planning has to provide threading of productions and the shortest way of passing of raw materials from the moment of its receiving before release of finished goods. It is impossible to allow crossings of streams of raw materials with semi-finished products and finished goods, dirty ware from the pure. At the enterprises working at raw materials it is necessary to equip separate billet shops for processing of vegetables, meat, fish, etc. also the dogotovochny.

The third workplace is provided for a portsionirovaniye and holiday of dishes on distributing and is equipped with a table production with the cooled case and a hill and a rack for installation of ready dishes for realization. The hill is intended for storage of in advance prepared products (tinned fruit, greens of parsley, lemons, etc.) used for decoration of dishes.