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Cycling. Estonia, with its various landscapes - an ideal place for travel by bicycles. People with different experience of a driving can choose to themselves a suitable route on the hilly district or on the plain. By bicycle it is possible to pass there where it is impossible to reach by car.

In Estonia there are known resorts: Pärnu - climatic and balneal, Haapsalu - balneal and Narva-Yyesuu - climatic. Main ski resort of Otepya. Krupnyk beaches are in the city of Narva – Yyesuu, Padliski, Pärnu, Klooga (the Klooga-ran beach.

In Tallinn about 2/3 medieval houses (see Prilozheni, reconstructed in the present of time to a greater or lesser extent, but at the same time being an example of architecture of the Middle Ages remained. Treat the most remained: the building of the House of the tourist (Raekoja plats 1, building of the Tallinn city theater (Lai 2, and also the house on Vana-Turg 6; Kuninga 1; Pikk 71; Lai 29 and 40; Vene 17 and 23; R üütli 12; Suur-Karja

The author of this palace and park ensemble - the famous Italian architect Niccolo Michetti, subsequently also participated in creation of the well-known palace in Peterhof. As the rumor says, the first stone in the base of the Kadriorgsky palace was put by the tsar.

And in a tower Fat Margarita (Paks Margaret is an interesting exposition of the Sea museum where it will be curious to learn on what to what and why Estonian fishermen in age-old times went to the sea, to look at models of the ancient ships of a delicate work, to be taken for thick ship ropes and to experience severe sea spirit of Tallinn.

It is much more than separate expositions here: heather, undersized bulbous and Alpine plants, lilies, peonies, perennials, primroses, cultural plants. More than 5000 different types and grades of representatives of flora are presented to in total attention of visitors. In a botanical garden it is possible to see the majority of the plants growing in Estonia including there are enough rare. Among them - new ornamental plants, and also the most hardy representatives of flora in the conditions of local climate.

Today in the original medieval form all most important administrative and sacral constructions of the Old city remained, safely worried centuries and many houses, barns, warehouses belonging to once notable citizens and merchants.

The originality and appeal of the southern part of Estonia give numerous lakes and heights of Otepya, Haanya and Sakal. The rivers originating on heights flow on the ancient valley, unexpectedly opening looks of an exposure of reddish Devonian sandstone.

Walk on streets Kadriorga transfers us to a peculiar architectural museum where centuries and styles were weaved together. Near typical for Estonia, inexpensive wooden profitable houses magnificent country houses, summer estates and houses in the spirit of a functionalism perfectly get on with smart apartments.

Water sports types of rest. During a campaign on a canoe the tourist not only will appear in close contact with the nature, but also will be able to see the most beautiful places of Estonia where it is usually difficult to get without boat: sandy breaks of high river banks Akhya with raznotsvety geological deposits; riding bogs in the reserve Soomaa where the primitive silence will be broken only by splashes in your oars.

This tower was constructed in the second half of the XIV century along with construction of a city wall. For last centuries the Maiden tower repeatedly was exposed to serious destructions and at restoration every time was reconstructed. Today on floors of this ancient construction the cozy cafe settles down.

Members of magistrate - a ratmana - held the meetings in a hall on the second floor of the Town hall, today holiday receptions and concerts are arranged here, and the trekhnefny hall in the cellar of the Town hall is used as the room for exhibitions.

Visit of park is regulated, excursions have informative and improving character. In zones of natural landscapes where visit is limited, are laid prirodno - educational tracks (length to 15 km) which are equipped with indexes. For improving rest zones with boarding house, motel, rest house are allocated (the settlement of city type to Vyz and his vicinity).